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Fire Station Design

BMA Architects P.C., recognizes that sophisticated design and planning is an important aspect to creating a firehouse that allows for safe and quick turnouts.  Turnout time within a fire station is one of the key elements to a successful containment of fires and emergencies.  Adjacency between the required program spaces will be critical in the successful design of your fire station; BMA has the experience and knowledge to help your community meet its need for a renovated or new firehouse. Click the link below or contact us for more information on fire station design and considerations.

Interior Design

BMA Architects P.C., has teamed  up with Karen Stauffer Interiors on numerous projects.  Some of these projects include; Baker College-CIM, Baker College-Health Science Center, various Baker College Renovations, Family Financial Credit Union, Dr. Terry's Dentist Office, First United Credit Union, and many more. To learn more about Karen Stuaffer Interiors click on the link below.



Credit Union Design

Educational Design

BMA Architects P.C., has extensive experience in the design of schools, which include K-12 schools and higher education. We base our approach and experience in planning and designing school facilities of all types. BMA understands the importance of integrating schools carefully into communities and working closely with administrators, teachers, students, and local residents. We are also knowledgeable in the latest educational program research, and focus on design concepts that optimize the learning environment-indoors and out while reducing operating costs.

BMA Architects P.C., understands the unique design considerations that financial facilities require. As a result, strategic planning is an important component of the design process inorder to provide a building plan that encompasses your bank's or credit union's needs and requirements.. We can attract your target market through well-integrated retail, interior, and architectural design.  BMA Architects, P.C., also understands the necessity of branding in order to create high-visibility areas to exemplify the financial institution’s available products and services as well as integrate the brand message throughout the facility.



Roofing Consultation

Construction Delivery Methods

There are many delivery methods owners can choose for the construction of their project. The difference between each contains variations in procurement strategies, schedule and contractual arrangements.  It is important to choose a project delivery that will effectively and efficiently deliver the project to success. There are some key considerations that will influence the selection of the project delivery method for a project that an owner should take note. These considerations include but are not limited to; budget, design, schedule and risk.


In the link below, you will find a summary of Integrated Project Delivery (IDP) offered by BMA Architects.

The type of roofing system that is best for your building will depend on a number of factors such as durability, energy efficiency and installation methods. BMA professionals, can help you make these decisions. Click on the link below for some commonly used systems for low sloped roofs.

LEED Certified  - Sustainable Buildings

With the growing concerns of conserving energy, water, material and other resources; many are finding that building responsibly is an intelligent way to manage our resources.  With sustainable design and/or producing LEED certified buildings, you not only appreciate the effect that design and construction can have upon the earth and its resources, but it produces a building that yields more affordable operational costs.  BMA Architects, P.C. understands the importance of creating a unique building that meets your goals, budgets and concerns for resources. In the link below you will find some information on LEED Certified buildings.

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