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Fire Station Design Considerations

Main Building Attributes:

Apparatus bay:   
Area where emergency response vehicles are stored.


Apparatus bay support and vehicle maintenance:
Area where  vehicles and other fire fighting equipment are cleaned,
 maintained, and stored.

Administrative training areas:
Offices, Dispatch Facilities, Training and Conference Rooms.

Residential areas:
Dorm Rooms, Day Room/Kitchen, and residential support areas  such as bathrooms and fitness area.

Space for  Main Fire Station:


Maintenance, Repair, Storage, and Support:
- Vehicle Maintenance Office
- Vehicle Maintenance Parts and Tools
- Fire-fighting Agent Storage
- Hose Storage and Drying
- Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Repair
- Protective Clothing Lockers
- Protective Clothing Laundry / Disinfecting Facilities
- Outdoor Tire Storage
- General Supply Storage
- Medical Storage
- Janitor's Closet
- Mechanical / Electrical / Telephone / Compressor Room


Alarm Communications Center:

- Communications Control Room

- Private Toilet Room

- Emergency Response / Telecom.

Living Quarters:

- Sleeping Areas

- Personal Lockers

- Restroom & Showers

- Laundry Room


Recreation and Dining:

- Recreation Room/ Day Room

- Vending Area

- Kitchen/ Kitchen Storage

- Dining Area

- Recreation Area/ Kitchen

Training Facilities:

- Training Room

- Training Office

- Audiovisual Storage

- Physical Fitness Room


- Entrance / Reception

- Fire Chief's Office

- Assistant Chief's Office

- Conference Room

- Community Multi-use Room

- Restrooms

- Technical Services Office

- Technical Services Storage

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