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Credit Union and Bank Design Considerations

BMA Architects P.C., recognizes that financial facilities have unique design requirements. An important component of the design of credit unions and banks is strategic planning in order to provide a building plan that encompasses your requirements and needs. We can attract your target market through well-integrated retail, interior, and architectural design.  BMA Architects, also understands the necessity of branding in order to create high-visibility areas to exemplify the financial institution’s available products and services as well as integrate the brand message throughout the facility.

Strategic Planning:
The purpose of this important study phase is to provide a plan that encompasses the projected service delivery and preliminary physical facilities requirements for a 5 - 10 year planning period. 

The evaluation includes but are not limited to the following:

        - Demographic characteristics evaluation

        - Competitive Analysis

        - Strategy development & delivery system locations

        - Growth, staff and space projections

        - Site evaluation & selections


An effective brand is much more than a pretty logo - it is a promise.  The environment should reflect a promise to your clients that instills confidence and trust.  A consistent look and strong identity of a developed brand will differentiate you from the competition and, ultimately, aid in attracting and retaining clients.  Let your building be your sign.


Interior Design:
A fundamental part of any facility is its look and feel.  The environment should speak to the visitor with an enticing floor plan, color, bold fixtures, wall cladding and casework that integrates technology and delivery methods. The interior should display a unique retail environment.  

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