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Educational Design

BMA Architects P.C., has over 20 years of experience in the design of schools, which include K-12 schools and higher education.  BMA understands the importance of integrating schools carefully into communities and working closely with administrators, teachers, students, and local residents. We are also knowledgeable in the latest educational program research, and focus on design concepts that optimize the learning environment-indoors and out while reducing operating costs.


Within the design and programming stages of school facilities, there are a number of concepts that must be carefully considered, below are a few of these concepts:


Implementation of voice, data, and video telecommunication throughout the entire facility as well as specific technology within each individual classroom.


Safety & Security:

Schools are to provide inviting facilities that are safe for students, staff and community users. Safety and security can start at the planning and programming of the building and continued with the use of security technology.


Life Safety:

Includes considerations such as the structural integrity of the building, fire safety, and health safety such as proper ventilation, special emergency, accident protection, and accessibility.


Use Group and Ages:

The design of the school facility and sounding site will vary based on age groups.  With each use group, there are many concepts that must be considered, some of which include; general requirements, class environment, procedures and process, flexibility for change, working space relationships and strategic planning. 


Space Relationships:

Respond to the school’s organizational structure and design should reflect the facilities teaching program and needs. Accommodate functional and practical requirements.  These space relationships will vary for elementary, middle, high school and higher educational facilities.


Site Design:

Should consider site selection, space allocation, relationships with community, and circulation on and around the site.



Should be clear, direct and allow for gathering spaces.


Classroom requirements:

Will vary based on subjects taught and age groups within the classroom. Classroom requirements should be discussed during the early stages of programming and design to ensure that all facility needs are met.

The above plan is an example of how existing schools are improving their security by the path of circulation that visitors must take.

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