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IPD - Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a collaborative alliance of people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication and construction.  

Having an Architect involved with IPD on your project can offer better control of the project construction schedule, improve integration between design and construction, and allow for on-site representation by the architect, all of which result in savings in project costs for the owner.  As a construction manager on your project, BMA Architects can give advice on the time and cost consequences of design and construction decisions, scheduling, and cost control. We can also coordinate contract negotiations, awards and coordinate construction activities. The information below describes the benefits of a complete project delivery system services we can offer in preconstruction and during construction.  

Pre-construction Services:

As the Architect and your Adviser, BMA’s services during Pre-construction Phases can include:


Services as Architect:

  • Preliminary review of the Owner’s program, schedule and construction budget requirements.


  • Prepare and present a preliminary design illustrating the scale and relationship of the project components


  • Prepare documents and presentations for the Schematic Design and Design Development Phases.


  • Prepare construction documents to illustrate and describe further development of the approved design development documents. Construction documents will include construction drawings and specifications.


  • Coordinate services and documentation for consultants such as but not limited to; structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical designs.


  • Assist the Owner in selecting, retaining and coordinating the professional services of surveyors, special consultants and testing laboratories required for the project.


Services with IPD:


  • Prepare estimates of construction costs for program requirements based on early schematic design


  • Update preliminary construction cost estimates and value analysis with increasing detail throughout the progression of schematic design through construction documentation.


  • Review of Drawings and Project Specifications.


  • Submit recommendations on the relative feasibility of construction methods, methods of project delivery, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurements, installation of construction, and appropriate utilization of the site for mobilization of construction forces and materials.


  • Prepare and update the master project schedule for services and construction.



  • Assist the Owner in pre-qualification of sub-contractors and in issuing bidding documents to bidders and conduct pre-bid conferences with perspective bidders.


  • Conduct pre-award conferences with successful bidders and advise the Owner of any reasonable objections to the proposed list of subcontractors or building materials.  


  • Make recommendations for temporary project facilities and services for common use of the contractors.


  • Advise on the division of the project into separate contracts for various categories of work.


  • Make recommendations regarding allocation of responsibilities for the project conditions among the contractors, and ensure that such responsibilities are in the proposed contract documents.


  • Assist the Owner in applicable building permits, excluding permits required to be obtained by various contractors.

IDP services during the Construction Phase include:


Construction Administration:

BMA Architects and its design team, still provide construction administration services. Some of these services include:

  • Participate in Site visits and Job meetings organized by the CM advisor


  • Review submittals in a timely manner by checking for conformance with the information given and the design concept expressed in the construction documents.


  • Respond to Request for Information (RFI) promptly and professionally


  • Review and approve payment applications from the contractors


  • Perform inspections for substantial and final completion and provide all parties with punch list of outstanding items.


  • Prepare a project construction schedule as well as monitor and update the schedule as required throughout the construction progress. This schedule shall include activity sequences and durations, processing of shop drawings, product data, samples and delivery of products requiring long-lead time and procurement.


  • Provide administrative, management and related services in an attempt to coordinate the activities of the contractors with each other and with those of the Owner and the Architect to complete the project in accordance with the approved schedule and budget.


  • Schedule, conduct and record preconstruction, construction and progress meetings with the Owner and Contractors.


  • Coordinate the sequence of construction and assignment of space in areas where multiple contractors are performing work.


  • Make timely purchases of critical materials and long-lead-time items


  • Monitor the approved estimate of construction cost and produce reports of actual cost for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks to advise owner as to variances between actual and budgeted or estimated costs.


  • Record the progress of the project with written progress reports.

What are the benefits to the owner to use IDP Services?


  • To maximize return on capital investment

  • To save time and money

  • To increase project quality

  • Improved integration between design and construction

Construction Services:

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